Before and After applying polished concrete to existing concrete floor in department store
Commercial concrete flooring is a significant part of budgetary planning. Often the high cost of implementing and maintaining a floor can have a substantial effect on the long term budget. Concrete polishing of existing or new concrete can have a substantial, positive effect on the budget and bottom line. Concrete polishing of existing concrete or new flooring for commercial buildings provides long term maintenance advantages, budgetary efficiencies, increased lighting efficiency, environmental advantages and more. Montana Concrete Polishing assists large, national commercial retailers, and local businesses. Regardless of the size of your building or operation, ask us about the benefits of polished concrete flooring on your new or existing concrete floor. We service nearly all of the western states.

We deliver:

  • Concrete Floor Polishing
  • Dyeing
  • Profile grinding
  • Poured and polished overlays
  • High performance floor coating
  • Concrete profiling sidewalks, patios, pool decks, etc.
  • Vapor Mitigation
  • Certified with Advanced Construction Technologies
  • Paint and glue removal
  • Joint filling and restoration
  • Structural joint repair
  • Stunning visual and functional rejuvenation of existing concrete floors
  • Custom-tailored finish and practical protection for new concrete floor
  • Dramatic long-term maintenance cost reduction
  • Minimize facility downtime
  • Does not trap floor moisture like coatings, tile, carpet and other flooring coverings
  • Non-dusting guarantee
  • Safe, non-slip, certified “high traction”
  • Extended floor life and long-term appearance
  • Increased “reflectivity” of the floor and reduces lighting costs
  • Green, environmentally-friendly process; qualified to be used on LEED Certified and CHPS projects