Repair and improve your concrete floor and floor lighting through concrete polishing

Level, patch and repair as needed

Often times and existing concrete floor needs treatment before we begin the polishing process.  We level uneven section, repair pits, etc., so that you have an complete, raw floor to begin the grinding process.

Grind to your desired finish

After patch and repair, we proceed to grind the existing floor coatings, spalling, and impact damage.  Diamond grinding and polishing prepares the floor for the final finish.

Harden and densify your polished concrete to last

The floor is treated with a hardening coating.  This miracle of concrete chemistry makes concrete surfaces more dense and harder.  The end result is a floor that is unusally resistant to chipping, flaking, and marring while its shine is being enhanced.  There is no dangerous solvent or odor to deal with either.

See the results for years to come

You will see a significant reflective qualities of the polished concrete immediately and experience superior durability and safety, and most of all, a beautiful floor.